A rise of Startup during Pandemic Lockdown

My Pencildotcom Magazine started during the lockdown in the year 2020. It has become a trusted name by inspiring personalities across the world. It is never easy for any new digital magazine to gain the trust of famous people. Mypencildotcom magazine was able to bring inspiring real-life journeys & stories of such inspiring personalities. The founder of mypencildotcom never thought that he would ever come into the business of media. One day, he created a website name www.MYPENCILDOTCOM.in with an explanation about the name. Any idea that comes to us shall come to paper using a pencil, the same idea from paper to the world is spread using digital communication. This was all about the story of selecting this name.

The first digital edition of this magazine was with actress Riya Sen along with few other inspiring real-life stories in the magazine. Prasun always knew that brand value can only be created if each letter, each story can succeed to inspire the readers. Since Day 1 of the formation of the company, the brand value was given utmost importance. The most important aspect of this magazine is to interview a personality live on the Website that talks about the inspiring journey of the person. The same gets published in the magazine & Web story. This concept was appreciated by everyone. Magazine bough inspiring interviews of Anna Hazare, Gaur Gopal Das, Preeti Jhangiani, Manu Bhaker, Ray Zin, & many more. With each edition, the content has become a trust that comes during the live interview to tell viewers & readers of the magazine a story that has a successful value.
In a recent edition, Mypencildotcom interviewed Jaya Kishori & also awarded her with an Award of The MyPencilDotCom ICON of the Year 2021 – Inspiring Women on Women’s Day. The idea behind this interview & award is to highlight personalities working in society who are bringing positive insights to the world.
Mypencildotcom is all set in 2021, aiming to expand its wings & establish a wider audience. Mypencildotcom is hoping for the expansion of the company & soon inviting more inspiring personalities to their live chat shows, magazine covers & award ceremony. the year 2021 started with a Cover photo launch at Mr & Miss Delhi NCR ICON – 2021, Cover was launched during the final announcement of the Miss Delhi 2021. Deanne Panday, a famous author was on the cover of the magazine. Prasun kulshrestha presented a speech during the launch and thanked everyone associated with Mypencildotcom for bringing fame, trust & success to the brand. The tagline of the magazine says “Inspiring Lives, Inspiring People “, this tagline took attention during the speech.
Mypencildotcom is also in discussion with a few funding sponsors & agencies to invest in the company that can bring infrastructure to reach a wider audience.

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