Back in the year 2004, when I was opting for Architecture as my profession, who would have thought things would turn out this way. It was unpredictable for me that one day, adding Author Blogger as the prefix to my Name would be my solace rather than adding Architect. But it was meant to happen and it did. A huge thanks to my beloved husband for playing his role in making this possible. It feels like I have been writing since always but somehow could not recognise it as my passion on time. As they say, you never receive in excess of what and earlier than when is destined for you.

It was neither a long time ago that I realized I should utilise my passion for making a living nor it happened all of a sudden. It has been a process – a zigzag one – which I believe to be still going on. I may have come far from where I had started but I still have to travel a considerable distance before I can call it a destination. I am aware that again some twists and turns might be waiting for me and every moment preparing myself to get through them, with fingers-crossed.

Momspresso – a vast community of moms coming together to discuss countless aspects of parenting – has played the role of a super-supportive companion in this beautiful journey. Over time, both of us have evolved. Presently, both may have gone busy with other priorities in life but I feel glad that we have always maintained an understanding. I would like to convey my heartiest gratitude to Momspresso. The reason being that my second book ‘Florilège – Feel the Fragrance’ came into existence as a result of consistently blogging via this platform only.

I say it as – my parents provided me wings, my husband gave me the much-needed push and Momspresso gave my flight an acceleration. Apparently, it’s all set to reach heights now.

I would like to heartly thank the traditional publishing team called ‘Ukiyoto Publishing House’ for recently reaching me with an offer to get my short stories and quotes published with them as a compilation. I reverted back in affirmation. It all worked out well and soon I became a Globally Published Author! What more could I ask for, as of now.

My debut book ‘Plus Minus – Pros and Cons of Life’ was quite a success too. It was a novella portraying various shades of a human life, commonly, taking a group of friends as the medium.

Lately, team Evincepub Publishing has also given me a list of reasons to be thankful for. They have provided me a platform to showcase my Book Reviewing talent professionally. Not only that, but they have also added to my confidence multifold by acknowledging my efforts in kind words on social media.

Apart from that, I also have a long long long Karwaan of individuals to be thankful to. All of them have contributed positively in my journey so far. As I close this overwhelming write-up, I extend my best wishes to everyone for a splendid life ahead.

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